About me
My name is Nikolay (Nolesh) Oleshko. I am an IT developer from Russia.

Hello. A warm welcome to my visitors from . I`m glad to see you on my website, especially on this page! Because if you are here, you are interested in my work :) and perhaps would like to get acquaintance, hire me or give me wise advice what to create next time. But first of all, let me introduce my experience, but keep in mind that I raise my skills every day, so by the time you are reading this text my skills may have improved! :) My modest experience is below:

I have 10+ years of programming experience. I have experience with a lot of programming languages and technologies. My favourite languages are C# and Java. Because they have the garbage collector and I do not like to clean up after themselves. :-) It`s the greatest invention!

The programming languages and technologies I have worked are: C#, Java, C++, Pascal, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, HTML, .NET, WPF, WCF, Windows mobile 6.5, OpenGL ES(LibGDX), Android.

Currently, I`m focused on: Android, OpenGL ES(LibGDX), jQuery, AJAX, PHP, Oracle, Java, .NET, C#.

Do not hesitate to write me email: Nolesh86@gmail.com