Remote Manager Demo
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Version: 1.0   Size: 441k
Updated: November 29, 2014   Android: 2.1+

This application works with Android v2.1 or higher. <br/><br/>Your device MUST BE ROOTED and have the WiFi module!<br/><br/>FEATURES:<br>- Refresh rate about 5-12 fps.<br>- Use a keyboard and a mouse to control the device.<br>- Multitouch mode support (test mode)(version 2.3 or higher).<br>- Take a screenshot.<br>- Auto-rotate screen support.<br>- Use portable WiFi hotspot if you don't have WiFi router (v2.2 or higher).<br>- Powerful file browser (Allows you push or pull a whole folder or a <br>single file from or to the device).<br>- Different screencast quality (low, medium, high).<br>- Control the installed applications.<br>- Autodetect the device mode (broadcast the name of the device).<br>- Password protection.<br>- Hard keys support.<br/><br/>You can download the client from this URL: <a href="" target="_blank" >LINK</a></p></p></p>